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Drink Recipes

Here are some delicious drink recipes that anyone can master making. From a classic iced coffee to a mixed drink. I will share all types of drink recipes for you to try and make.

I love getting fun drinks when we dine out, and sometimes it is fun to make a refreshing drink at home.

From a frozen limeade, which is bursting with sweet and citrus flavor. Or sip on this fruity Acai smoothie.

Popular Drinks

Here are a few of my top drink recipes on the blog you might enjoy trying out.

  • Summer brew is a cocktail made with vodka, beer, and lemonade.
  • Next, give this Apple Pie Vodka a try, for a refreshing twist to a classic vodka. Flavor drinks or sip alone.
  • Tea bombs are a fun gel ball that you drop in hot water and watch it melt away for the perfect cup of tea to sip on.
  • Wassail is a warm spiced drink that is very popular around the holidays. Apple cider, cinnamon, allspice, and more all cooked slowly in your crockpot.

Why Make Drinks at Home

So one big factor is sometimes making drinks at home is a great way for you to enjoy your favorite drinks for a fraction of the price.

Also, you can make extra of most drinks to keep on hand, for when you want a tasty drink to sip on.

Kid-Friendly Drink Recipes

Also check out these fun recipes for kids. Make homemade lemonade concentrate in your Instant Pot! A refreshing summer drink.

Or check out these adorable Unicorn hot chocolate bombs, that melt with warm milk.

Also, here is a classic hot chocolate bomb, which is a fun meltaway chocolate ball full of hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.

strawberry mojito in a glass garnished with a lime wedge on table

Easy Strawberry Mojito Recipe

Whip up an easy and delicious strawberry mojito. 5 ingredients are all it takes to prepare a homemade strawberry cocktail. This strawberry mint mojito is refreshing and a delicious way to use up your summer berries. This strawberry rum cocktail is so simple to make, and you can make the homemade mojito taste just like …

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two glasses of acai smoothie on table

Berry Acai Smoothie Recipe

Try my Acai smoothie for breakfast or a mid-day treat to break up the day. A berry Acai smoothie that is refreshing. A vegan Acai smoothie that is dairy-free and contains no added sugar. For this Acai smoothie recipe you can use frozen Acai packets, or Acai powder. Learn how to make this simple Acai …

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tray of strawberry lemonade vodka cocktails

Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail

Strawberry lemonade vodka is the perfect spiked strawberry lemonade. Sweet, tart, and the right amount of booze for a relaxing evening at home. Try this strawberry vodka cocktail for your next summer cookout.  Vodka lemonade is a perfect pairing. For me lemon and alcohol always work together. So I wanted to create a strawberry vodka …

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lemonade and whiskey

Easy Whiskey Lemonade

Whiskey Lemonade is one of our favorite whiskey mixed drinks to serve up in the spring and summer. Whiskey and lemonade come together for one refreshing summer drink. If you are a fan of lemonade, try making your own Instant Pot lemonade to mix in with this Crown Royal drink. Or whip up my Summer …

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