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I am excited to share all these delicious recipes from my kitchen to yours. Here is a nice arrangement of recipes that you can make for dinner, serve up as dessert, or the perfect finger foods.

Spending time in the kitchen doesn’t have to be time-consuming or stressful. If you are looking for easy recipes, let me share a few!

Whip up this easy banana monkey bread, spicy Chex mix, or try a batch of my homemade coleslaw.

Easy Recipes

For easy main dish recipes, you might try beef enchiladas, or whip up my easy chicken club wraps, or my popular baked beans with ground beef.

I also am a sucker for easy desserts. If you have a sweet tooth like me make sure to check out my peanut butter pie, it is a no-bake dessert. Or try out my watermelon pizza for a tasty summer dessert idea.

Ways to Know If You Will Enjoy The New Recipe

  • Look at the ingredients. If you find you enjoy the flavors in the ingredients, then more than likely you will find the dish is good.
  •  If you can leave out some items or swap, without overtaking the recipe go ahead. For example, swap ground beef with ground turkey. Or omit onions, or add zucchini instead of broccoli. There are ways to adapt it.
  • Remember when baking, to accurately measure ingredients and follow the directions. The food is not as forgiving as it would be when you cook a main dish or side dish.
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