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About Me

Contact Me: apley[email protected]

I started blogging around 10 years ago, and then eventually sold my blog and moved into Freelancing for bloggers. As much as I love freelancing (which I still do as a full-time job) I missed being able to write content for myself. So I started, Bake Me Some Sugar, April 2018. It is a fun way for me to share tasty recipes I have created with you all and tips for around the kitchen!

About Me

I am a mom to one sweet little boy and wife. We live in the country and I am learning to be a country girl after all these years. It is a new thing to get used to, but I know my sweet little boy is loving the country life!

Stick with me as I begin to add new recipes for you all to try out, it takes time to build up tried and true recipes for you all to start implementing in your home!


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