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Air Fryer Recipes

If you own an air fryer, or looking to buy one, here are some delicious air fryer recipes. Main dish recipes, desserts, side dishes, and more. The air fryer is a great way to create crispy food without the excess oil.

I love my air fryer, it has really become an incredible accessory in my kitchen. I own multiple air fryers, but my favorite by far is my air fryer oven.

What Type of Air Fryer Recipes To Expect

Learn how to make air fryer hard-boiled eggs, this is a great snack! Or dress up store-bought chicken strips to make these sweet and spicy chicken strips!

Or make your favorite Chinese-inspired crab rangoons, that are bursting with crab meat. Crispy Hasselback potatoes are a fantastic side dish or learn how to make a rotisserie chicken.

One of my most popular air fryer recipes is my venison deer jerky!

3 Popular Tips

Oil Mister

Make sure to not use an aerosol cooking spray, you will want to buy an oil mister or even pour oil in a spray bottle. The aerosol-style sprays can eat the enamel off the air fryer.

Reheating Food In Air Fryer

Reheating food in the air fryer, or even cooking frozen foods in the air fryer are a great way to create a crispy texture!

Bread In Bottom Of Air Fryer

Place a slice of bread in the bottom of the air fryer when cooking greasy food. As the grease drips it lands on the bread, and helps reduce smoke created from an empty bottom.

This works in an oven or air fryer with a basket! You can also place a layer of aluminum foil at bottom of air fryer for easy cleanup.

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