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15 Whiskey Mixed Drinks Everyone Needs To Try!

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 Explore the world of whiskey with one of these whiskey mixed drinks. These whiskey drinks will elevate the level of your drink, and try something new. Here are some of the best whiskey drinks to consider whipping up for a party, summer BBQ, or just a night you want to kick back with a mixed drink. 

whiskey drinks to serve up guests

Whiskey cocktails are forever growing with new and creative ways to pair your favorite whiskey. Here are some tried and true whiskey cocktails to please your taste buds. 

One of the most popular whiskeys in America is bourbon. People love that rich caramel sweetness you get with each sip. This also makes for a great base to a mixed drink. Whether you like Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, Bourbon, I got you covered!  

Frozen Alcoholic Ice Pops To Cool You Down 

Delicious Thirst Quenching Whiskey Mixed Drinks


Whiskey Mixed Drinks

A nice list of whiskey mixed drinks to serve up at your next party or a treat to celebrate the end of a hard work day. These whiskey drinks are refreshing and delicious.

whiskey mixed drinks

What Drinks Go Well With Whiskey 

You will find a lot of times people reach for say a lemon-lime soda, Ginger Ale, that is light to pair with the whiskey. It is a great way to mix drinks so the flavors pair nicely. 

 Is Whiskey And Coke A Drink

Jack and Coke is indeed a drink, also called JD and Coke, or a Lemmy. You normally serve this drink over ice, in a Collins Glass or even old fashioned Glass

How to Make a Jack and Coke 

Mix one part jack to three parts Coke and pour over ice. You can even garnish with a lime wedge, that is great for squeezing into the drink for a refreshing citrus twist. 

 Is Whiskey Good For Health

Surprisingly whisky has antioxidants which can help reduce coronary heart disease. Of course this is all in moderation, so you need to be aware of the amount of alcohol you consume. 

Give one or more of these whiskey cocktails a try and let me know what you think!! 

Whiskey CocktailsWhat is your favorite whiskey mixed drink to sip on? 

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