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How to Season Blackstone Griddle

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The first step to owning a Blackstone Griddle is seasoning it. If you are unsure how to season Blackstone Griddle, I can help! I will walk you through the steps, and I have a video! 

Seasoning your griddle is important as it is protects your griddle cooking surface, and helps to prevent food from sticking. You only need a few items to get the job done! All you need to know on how to season a blackstone grill is below.

blackstone griddle

Learn to season your griddle so anytime you find it is in need of some TLC you will know what to do! I own the 28 inch 2 burner Blackstone. They do make larger ones, if you are in need. We are a family of 3, so we don’t need a huge griddle top.

What is Seasoning

Seasoning means to simply oil, heat and allow your griddle to create protective layers of the oil mixture on top of the actual griddle. This is an essential Blackstone care you will have to do as maintenance.

This helps to create a barrier to protect the griddle surface. Just like cast iron, without seasoning your pan, it would not work. 

Plus as you cook on your griddle, overtime you will find your griddle itself will enhance your foods flavor! 

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Why Season Your Griddle

Protection – Seasoning your grill will protect the griddle. Think of it like a cast iron skillet. You have to season your skillet before you ever cook in it. You create layers so that you have a smooth cook surface. 

Curing – You are curing your griddle to protect the griddle itself. It oxidizes and binds creating layers on top of your griddle with the oil to protect. 

Non Stick Surface – Seasoning your griddle grill helps to create a nonstick surface. Now, the first time you cook on it, you will find food can still stick a bit. But after a few uses it will become less of a risk for food to stick. 

What Do I Need

Mild Soap and Water – You will use a mild soap and water to clean your griddle before you begin. Coming from a factory you will find it can be dirty and needs to be cleaned. 

Paper Towels – Try to get paper towels that won’t release lint. I found using my husbands blue shop towels worked great. 

Blackstone Seasoning and Conditioner – I bought this to help with the process but there are other oils you can use if you don’t want to use the seasoning and conditioning oil blend. 

Tongs – I used tongs to hold paper towel as we spread the seasoning oil all over the griddle. The griddle is super hot and you don’t want to burn yourself. 

Hest Resistant Gloves – So as you can see we did not use these, but feel free to get heat resistant gloves. This adds another layer of protection to prevent burning yourself. 

I am in no way a pro to the Blackstone. This is just what I do to care for my griddle grill. 

How to Season A Blackstone Griddle

Step 1: Lightly clean the surface of your griddle with a mild soap and a little water. I used paper towels to do this step.

I wiped with some soap and water and then used just a wet towel to go over it. Rinsing between uses to remove any soap. 

You do not want to use too much water. Just enough to get your griddle clean. 

Step 2: Once clean you are going to turn on your propane and light your Blackstone. Leave the heat on high and let it warm up a bit. 

Then you will use your conditioner oil and add a little bit on the grill or dip a paper towel in. Carefully but quickly spread a thin and even layer all over the griddle as it is heating.

Make sure to wipe the edges and sides of the griddle as well. 

Step 3: Next you let it smoke off all the oil blend you just applied. Just sit back and wait as it will take 15-20 minutes of smoking. 

It can smoke a lot, so don’t be alarmed. It is bonding and oxidizing so just let it do what it needs too. 

Step 4: After 15-20 minutes of being on high heat turn your griddle off. Let it cool for a bit before you move on. Wait maybe 10 minutes or so. 

Step 5: You will repeat the steps of turning griddle on high, adding your oil conditioner on, in a thin and even layer, and letting it smoke 15-20 minutes. 

You want to do the oil, smoke, and cool process 3-4 times. 

Why Do I Need Thin Even Layers

Thin and even layers of the oil is gonna create an even cooking experience. If you oil too heavily it will create an uneven cooking area. 

That is why you use a paper towel. Safety spread it around and if you find an area is pooling up, simply wipe and spread the excess oil. 

What Oils To Use On A Blackstone

So, picking an oil is more a personal preference. You are gonna see people swear by one type of oil, and other disagree. Here are some popular oils for seasoning Blackstone griddle.

The biggest thing is using an oil that has a high flash point. Olive oil is great in the kitchen but it smokes tremendously when it gets too hot. That is the type of oil to avoid. 

Expert Tip: Get some coarse salt, it is great for using to scrub top and remove stuck on bits of food and such on your griddle top.

When to Know When To Re-Season The Griddle

Here are a few signs you need to re-season the griddle top on your Blackstone. I recommended seasoning your griddle occasionally to keep it in mint condition. 

  • When food begins sticking on your cooktop. 
  • You find areas of your griddle don’t have a luster and shine. 
  • The cooktop shows signs of rust on the surface or edges of the griddle. 
  • The cooktop griddle can begin to look a bit ashy in color. 

How to Store Blackstone

You can purchase a lid and cover if yours did not come with one.

Ideally, cover and place in an area protected from the outside elements if you can. 

Storing in a shed or garage is helpful. Make sure that you randomly check your grill when you are not using it. As it can begin to rush if it gets moisture on it from the elements outside. 

Common Questions

smashing potatoes on blackstone

My Favorite Blackstone Accessories

  • Blackstone Accessory Kit – Large Spatula’s, these are great for flipping! I bought a bundle of items.
  • Squirt Bottles – Add one with water and the other with oil. These are super easy to squirt on your griddle! I am a huge fan.
  • Foil Drip Pans – These are nice to use and once you are done cooking, just toss the pan away, and replace with a new one. No mess, just simple and easy.
  • Domes – You can use these for melting cheese, steaming veggies, and more.
  • Warming Rack – This attaches to the griddle and you can place food that is done to keep warm why you finish up cooking. Super handy, easily removes for cleaning.
  • Griddle Press – I used this for my Smash Burgers, Smash Potatoes and other foods. Super handy.

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How to season blackstone griddle


Friday 10th of September 2021

Thank you for sharing this! The video helped make it simple! I now feel confident to season my blackstone.


Sunday 12th of September 2021

You are welcome!