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The Best Kept Secrets To How To Make Eggs Taste Better

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How to make eggs taste better.. that is the real questions. While many of us whip up eggs for breakfast to kickstart our day, it can leave us feeling bored. Here are some easy ways to make eggs taste better! You can dress up your eggs so they taste unique and different each morning, so you don’t get bored of those plain ol’ eggs. 

make eggs taste better

I will be quite honest, I went almost a decade of never touching an egg. I have never been a big fan of eggs, and for quite some time the thought of eating scrambled, fried, or any cooked egg nauseated me.

Then I changed and adapted slightly to the flavor, and now if the eggs are dressed up a bit I can eat them. I still have days where I can’t stomach the sight or smell of eggs. But, most days I do pretty well. 

Learn How To Make Eggs Taste Better 

dress up scrambled eggs


Whether it is homemade pesto or store bought this is one tasty pairing. You get a nice nutty flavor next to the fluffy eggs. Just add in a dollop when your eggs are close to being done. 

 Salty Sauces Do The Trick 

Reach for soy sauce, Worcestershire, oyster, or even a fish sauce. All of these sauces are salty and will add a pep into your dish of eggs. Just add a few drops while you are scrambling your eggs for most added flavor. Or if you made a fried egg add a splash right on top of your cooked egg. 


Call me crazy, but mayo works at adding a richness to your eggs you won’t find anywhere else! Add just a teaspoon or so to around 4 or more eggs, and watch your eggs transform in flavor! 

Club Soda 

Want extremely fluffy eggs? Add in some club soda as you scramble away! These eggs will be so light and fluffy it will blow your mind. Just mix a teaspoon of club soda to every two eggs.

Or if you don’t have club soda you can opt for baking soda, that is 1/8 of a teaspoon for 4 eggs. 


Scramble up those eggs and add a dash of salt BEFORE you start cooking. If you add salt 15 minutes before you plan to cook up your eggs, it will lock in the moisture leaving you incredible tender scrambled eggs. 


Sauteed or straight diced vegetables are a way to add flavor into your eggs. I love to chop up bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, fresh spinach, and the list goes on. Nothing beats a Denver Omelet, I have an incredible baked Western Omelet that is made in the oven that is a breeze to make! 

Fresh Herbs 

Basil, parsley, oregano, and more can be used to enhance the flavors of your eggs. Dice and toss in as you are cooking up your eggs. Or mix in with baked eggs or even egg whites to add extra flavoring! Crushed black pepper paired with fresh herbs is always a winner combo for me. 

Milk or Cream 

Restaurants use milk to help get a creamy and light texture to scrambled eggs. If you are not a dairy fan skip the milk or cream and reach for almond milk, cashew, or other variations of milk.    

best way to make eggs taste better

Hot Sauce Or Salsa 

This is one of my husband’s go-to methods of eating eggs. Add a splash of hot sauce to baked, scrambled, or fried eggs. Same goes for salsa, just grab a brand you enjoy!  

Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese, and More Cheese 

Cheese, what is wrong about adding all types of cheese to your eggs. Try cheeses like cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, shredded cheese, and even sour cream to your eggs. Just stir in as you whisk away, and then scramble right up.  Check out my deviled eggs recipe with cream cheese, it is a winning appetizer. 

Boullion Granules 

Boullion is meant for soups, stews, and such, but give this a whirl. You will get such a rich and flavorful egg if you add in a small pinch of bouillon granules to your egg mixture before scrambling. A little goes a long way, and it will taste good! Salt and pepper to taste, and then dive in. 


I love making muffin tin eggs, they are a great way to make cooked eggs in a hurry. I use Rotel and generally sausage to add depth to my eggs. Then you pop in the fridge and reheat for the week, or prep them and throw in the freezer for meals later on.

But, adding diced meat to eggs whether they are poached, scrambled, fried, or baked is a great option. 


While you wouldn’t think of this right away, it adds a sweetness and depth of flavor. Sprinkle on hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, etc. 

Honey or Syrup

I know if you like savory and sweet a little drizzle of honey or even syrup works wonders. You can do this on any type of egg from fried, poached, egg whites, or even scrambled. A nice element of sweet. Flavor to your preference. 

Everything Bagel Seasoning & More 

One of my favorites is using a spice mix like Everything Bagel Seasoning! It is onion-y, savory, and just downright addictive. Another favorite is Kansas City Seasoning, for a smokey and woody flavor. I swear by the Urban Accent Brand of spices, they are exceptional quality! 

Egg Accessories You Need 


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  • Egg Mold | This circle mold is perfect for getting fried eggs to fit the size of an English Muffin or bagel! 

_How To Make Eggs Taste Better

How do you make eggs taste better? 

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