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15 Amazon Kitchen Essentials Every Home Needs

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If you are working towards stocking your kitchen with essentials, you might need help in knowing what kitchen essentials you might need. With a world full of products, it is very easy to get overwhelmed in a hurry. Let me share essential kitchen tools that you might want to invest in for your home.

kitchen esentials

This list is great for any starter kitchen or well-equipped kitchen that is looking for additional items to add to their list. From essential kitchen knives to handy tools to save you time. I got you covered! 

 The Best Kitchen Essentials 

I wanted to create a list of true kitchen essentials you might want to have for daily cooking and baking. Now I tried to cover all the basic basis and find your kitchen tools that are quality as well as affordable. You might splurge on one or two items and that is okay, but overall you will find these items worth the investment.  

  • I focused on the actual kitchen tools you will use. 
  • Affordable buys, or something to splurge on for quality that will last. 
  • Quality products that won’t break after one use! Sometimes cheaper stuff can be less quality.  

Some Items I Didn’t Include In My Kitchen Essentials 

Dishes, silverware, glasses, blenders, toasters, etc. Those items you can easily choose that fit your preference for your home. Or you can even head to a thrift store or shop at a yard sale and buy mismatched items that work just as good! 

 Aluminum Sheet PanAluminum Sheet Pan 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board MatsThick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons SetMeasuring Cups and Measuring Spoons Set Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block SetCuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set


  • Aluminum Sheet Pan | This is a must-have item for baking cookies, Texas sheet cake, sheet pan dinners, and the list goes on. I highly recommend buying at least one sheet pan to have on hand. 
  • Pyrex Mixing Bowl Set | My mom bought me my set about 8 years ago, and they are still going strong. I use them for mixing up recipes, storing leftover food, and more. Dishwasher friendly, and each bowl as a lid. I can’t rave enough about this set. 
  • Knife Set | Knives are essential, from chopping fresh produce, to meat, and all things in between. Investing in a good set is totally worth it. 
  • Cutting Boards | Check these cutting boards out. Each color has a picture at the bottom so you can use each board for certain items in your kitchen. Like only use one for produce, other for fish, and so on. A great way to help eliminate cross-contamination. 
  • Measuring Spoons and Cups | Whether you bake or cook this set will come in handy. It nests together so you can easily stash in a drawer without using much space at all!

Kitchen Essentials

 AmazonBasics 6-Piece Nonstick Bakeware SetAmazonBasics 6-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set Stainless Steel Mixing BowlsStainless Steel Mixing Bowls 11pcs Silicone Cooking Kitchen Utensils11pcs Silicone Cooking Kitchen Utensils Airtight Food Storage Containers,Vtopmart 8 Pieces BPA FreeAirtight Food Storage Containers,Vtopmart 8 Pieces BPA Free AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat – 2-PackAmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat - 2-Pack


  • Bakeware | I actually love buying sets like this, as you save money than buying them separately. I have also found that the Amazon Basics line is actually a nice quality for a good price. 
  • Mixing Bowl Set | I love stainless steel for the fact it lasts. This is a really nice set that stacks together so it tucks nicely in your cupboard with minimal space used. 
  • Kitchen Utensils | I love this silicone covered utensil set so it works on non-stick pans without scratching. I have a set of these and they are so handy and have lasted for years. 
  • Pantry and Kitchen Organizer | This set is really incredible and works great at keeping your food fresh! This set comes with a marker and labels so you can write what you put into each container, wipe and re-write over and over again. 
  • Silicone Baking Mats | The perfect way to make cleanup a breeze and protect your pans from baked on gunk and food. This is great for cooking and baking, to help prevent stuck on food to your baking sheets. 

Essential Kitchen Tools And Gear To Invest In 

 Kitchen Dish TowelsKitchen Dish Towels Colander, Stainless SteelColander, Stainless Steel Enameled Cast Iron Dutch OvenEnameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven 4-Piece Oval Pot Holders4-Piece Oval Pot Holders 3 Set Silicone Multi-Use Intricately Carved Trivet Mat – Insulated3 Set Silicone Multi-Use Intricately Carved Trivet Mat - Insulated


  • Kitchen Towels | You will have messes and having towels just for the kitchen is a must. Disinfect and wash properly so you don’t contaminate other clothing when you wash. 
  • Colander | Fan of pasta? This is a must-have item that every kitchen will need at some point. This handy item will last you a lifetime if you take care of it. 
  • Dutch Oven | Great for cooking up incredible meals. I have a dutch oven and I can’t tell you how much this has come in handy. For making roast, to baked beans and more.
  • Pot Holders | Need something to hold on to as you work with hot pans. This is a nice set that is dishwasher safe if you need to give it a good wash every now and again. 
  • Heat Resistant Pads | This is great to have on hand to sit hot pans down on so you don’t hurt your counters. I know many times people don’t think about it and burn their countertops, this way you have something to protect them with. 

What is one of the first kitchen essentials you felt the need to buy? 


Thursday 24th of June 2021

Thank you for this! My oldest is headed to college this fall and we are trying to think of everything she needs for cooking and a few things we actually overlooked, ( pot holders) lol this article helped us make a check list! I love visiting your sight!!