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Pink dessert ip with graham crackers and cookies on table

Easy Ambrosia Salad Dip Recipe

If you are a lover of Ambrosia Salad, you will enjoy this ambrosia salad dip. You get similar flavors from the classic ambrosia salad, but with a twist. Dip cookies, fresh fruit, and more in this cream cheese fruit dip. Maraschino cherries, mandarin oranges, chunked pineapple, cream cheese, and more. A delicious fruit dip recipe …

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Peep S’mores Dip – Easter Dip

Have you tried Peep S’mores Dip before? This s’mores dip is a creamy chocolate topped with colorful sugary peeps and baked to gooey perfection.  2 ingredient Peeps dip, is calling your name. S’mores dip will transform your life. Pair your peeps s’mores with graham crackers, shortbread cookies, and more. The ultimate delish Easter recipe!   …

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mini chocolate pie on wood table

Mini Chocolate Pies Recipe

Looking for an easy mini pie recipe to whip up? Try out my mini chocolate pies. Made with semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa powder, heavy cream, instant coffee and more. These mini chocolate tarts are a bite-size dessert. These baked chocolate pies or call them tarts if you will are incredible. A flaky crust, paired with a …

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Mini Key Lime Pies Recipe

Mini Key Lime Pies will tickle your taste buds with sweet and tangy lime in every single bite. Or call these a key lime tart if you will, either way, they are jam-packed with flavor. I love pie, and if you do too, you might be interested in these other recipes I have. No-Bake S’mores …

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The Best Cosmic Brownies Recipe

Serve up these delicious Cosmic brownies for dessert tonight! A cocoa brownie that is topped with a rich chocolate ganache and sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles. Similar to the Little Debbies Cosmic Brownies we grew up eating. If you want more easy brownie recipes to whip up, try these! Mint Oreo brownies, s’mores brownies, or peanut …

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